The NORTH GEORGIA REVIVAL is a move of God that is hosted by a multitude of churches with one common mission:


Since 2018 the North Georgia Revival has seen thousands of critical illnesses healed, blind eyes open, deaf ears that can now hear, families reunited, the lost come back home, and those with mental illness be made whole. This revival is not exclusive to any one church as the revival is transferrable to all churches who want it. We have seen the smallest of churches get ignited with revival fire. Their buildings, their garages, and the places where they gather quickly fill up with crowds of people traveling from miles around hungry for an authentic encounter with The LORD in the water.

SUNDAYS | 5:00 pm

4:45 pm - Doors open. Registration for baptisms begins.
5:00 pm - Corporate intercessory prayer in the main sanctuary. All are welcome.
5:15 pm - Sanctuary doors close for uninterrupted prayer and worship.
5:45 pm - Sanctuary doors reopen for seating.
6:00 pm - Worship
7:00 pm - Sermon
8:00 pm - Prayer & Ministry in immersion pools.

*Prayer in the sanctuary altar area will be ministered following the preaching of the word (approximately 8:00 pm)*


  • Clothes to be baptized in
    • Must be articles that are modest when wet - thick, dark, with sleeves, etc.
    • Avoid white, thin materials with thin straps
    • Please no dresses, shorts or bathing suits
  • A complete change of clothes
    • Keep men's clothes and women's clothes separate
  • Extra towels
    • One towel will be provided to you, please bring an extra towel for your comfort
  • Disposable diapers (infants/toddlers)
***Minors must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian in order to be baptized***


***We are NOT taking advanced registration for baptisms***
Registration and ministry will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Registration forms & instructions can be picked up in the main lobby at the Registration Table upon arrival.
  • Wait time varies depending on attendance and prayer requests.
  • Persons affected by these conditions will receive ministry outside the pool:
    • Sick/Weak
    • Wounds/Incisions
    • Infections
    • Incontinent (requiring briefs) - this does not include infants & toddlers who must wear swim diapers

CHILDCARE | 5:30pm - 8:30pm

AGES:  0 - 5 years old 
Prayer ministry during REVIVAL services begin around 8:00pm. If you will have children in our children's ministry, please plan accordingly. Thank you!
Learn more about our children's ministry!